Large Span Steel Truss Stadium Bleacher

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Pipe truss refers to a lattice structure composed of round bars connected to each other at the ends.  Widely used in large-span industrial plants, automobile and other industries, equipment platform production lines, logistics and warehousing, gymnasiums, business clubs, high-speed rail platforms, subway platforms, high-rise commercial buildings, bridges and other public buildings.

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Advantages of truss structure

1. Node form and structure is simple and smooth, and can be applied to various structural shapes.

2. High rigidity and good geometric characteristics. Generally, the wall of steel pipe is thin and the radius of gyration of section is large, so it has good compressive and torsional properties.

3.Simple construction, saving materials. Truss structure has the advantages of simple construction and material saving, because the traditional connecting members are abandoned at the joints and the members are directly welded.

4. It is beneficial to rust prevention and cleaning maintenance. The steel pipe has a small contact surface area with the atmosphere, so it is easy to protect. Each bar is directly welded at the node, and there are no dead corners and grooves that are difficult to clean, paint, accumulate moisture and a lot of dust, so it is more convenient to maintain. After the whole length and end of the tubular member are closed, the inside of the tubular member is not easy to rust.

5. The tube truss structure with circular tube section has good hydrodynamic characteristics. When subjected to loads such as wind or water flow, the effect of load on circular tube structure is much lower than that of other cross-section structures.




Structural Type

Steel Tube Truss

Main Frame

Steel Tube

Q235 / Q355 Steel

Secondary Frame


Q235 / Q345, 250g/m2 galvanized layer, no painting on the surface

Enclosure System

Roof Panel

Color Steel Panel / Al-Mg-Mn Panel
(The colors&sizes of all panels can be customized as required.)


Design Standard

American Standard / European Standard / Chinese Standard

Design Lifetime

Above 50 years


ISO Quality Control

Surface Treatment

Blast Cleaning Sa2.5 level, painting or galvanizing
(The thickness can be customized as required.)


Metal Frame for Large Components, Wooden Case or Metal Case for Small Components.
Or Bundling


Installation Guide

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