Glass and Aluminum Panles Facade System Curtain Wall

Short Description:

The building is cladding with exterior glass and aluminium facade curtain wall system,with a total area of 70000 square meters

Product Detail

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20 years

Factory Area

100,000 m2

Capacity of aluminum materials

About 50,000 t

production lines


Business Scope

Aluminum bars, mould development, shape extrusion, uniform abrasive blasting, anodic oxidation, dyeing of single and double salt, electrophoretic painting, colored powder spraying, wood-like grain generation, energy-saving and insulation aluminum material, precision detection, etc.

Product name

Glass & Aluminum curtain wall (visable frame, invisable frame, hidden frame)


Aluminum alloy, glass

Surface trestment

Powder coating, Anodized, Electrophoresis, Fluorocarbon coating


Matt black; white; ultra silver; clear anodized; nature clean
aluminium; Customized


Fixed, openable, energy saving, heat & sound insulation,

Design and dimension

Custom made


Germany brand: Si, Hoppie; Chinese top brand: Kinlong


110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 180 series

Glass option

1.Single glass: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm (Tempered Glass)

2.Double glass: 5mm+9/12/27A+5mm (Tempered Glass)

3.Laminated glass:5+0.38/0.76/1.52PVB+5 (Tempered Glass)

4.Insulated glass with argon gas (Tempered Glass)

5.Triple glass (Tempered Glass)

6.Low-e glass (Tempered Glass)

7.Tinted/Reflected/Frosted Glass (Tempered Glass)

Glass Curtain
Wall System

• Unitized Glass Curtain Wall
• Point Supported Curtain Wall
• Visible Frame Glass Curtain Wall
• Invisible Frame Glass Curtain Wall

Production standard

Basis on the shop drawings which approved by the buyer


Commercial, residential

Features of curtain walls

Light weight—can greatly reduce the weight of the building and reduce the cost of basic engineering.

Flexible design—can design various shapes according to their own needs to integrate the building.

Strong seismic capacity—with strong wind resistance and earthquake resistance,it is the best choice for high buildings.

Systematic construction—easier to control the construction period and takes less time.

Modernization—can improve the novelty and technology of buildings, such as energy-saving curtain wall, double skinned curtain wall etc.

Easy maintenance—convenient to repair or update it.

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