National University of Defense Technology Steel Truss with PVDF membrane structure 12000 square meters

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Membrane structure, also known as Tensioned Membrane structure, is a new type of architectural structure developed in the middle of 20th century.

Membrane structure is a kind of spatial structure which is made up of a variety of high-strength membrane materials and reinforcing members (steel frame, steel column or steel cable) to generate certain pre-tension stress in its interior in a certain way to form a certain spatial shape, which can be used as a covering structure and bear certain external load.

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Sports facilities membrane structure
Stadium, gymnasium, tennis court, swimming pool, fitness center, training center, etc.

commercial facilities Membrane structure
Shopping malls, amusement centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, commercial streets, etc.

Membrane structure of cultural facilities
Exhibition Center, Grand Theatre, Performance Center, Aquarium, Zoo, Botanical Garden, etc.

Traffic facilities membrane structure
Bus stops, waiting corridors, parking lots, flyovers, gas stations, toll stations, airports, railway stations, etc.

Landscape membrane structure
Iconic sketches, square signs, residential landscape, residential entrance, park entrance, residential promenade, outdoor square pedestrian street, etc.

Membrane structure of industrial facilities
Factories, warehouses, sewage treatment centers, logistics centers, greenhouses, etc.

Membrane structure of medical facilities
Hall entrance, corridor between outpatient department and inpatient department, etc.


Beautiful architectural style

Good environmental protection, light transmission and self-cleaning PVDF

Covering large-span space

Fire resistance and earthquake resistance

Film cutting. 

Quick Details

Base Fabric Ultra-low shrinking high-strength polyester filament coating Fiberglass cloth
Total Thickness 0.85+-0.02mm 0.80mm
Total Weight 1100g/m2 1300g/m2
Tensile Strength(w/f) 5500/5200 N/5cm 6000/5000 N/5cm
Tear Strength(w/f) 600/550N 400/350N
Threshold Temperature (-40℃)-(+70℃) (-70℃)-(+250℃)
Translucency 6-8% 12-14%
Flame Retadacy B1 A

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