China University of Mining and Technology Training Stadium

Short Description:

Steel Truss Roof  19000 square meters

Roof Panel : Aluminum Panel

Wall : Aluminum Panel + Glass Curtain Wall .

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Item Name

Materials Characteristics

Material Grade

Surface Treatment

Steel Column

H shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheet


Paint or Hot dip Galvanized

Steel beam

H shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheet


Paint or Hot dip Galvanized

Steel Bracing

Steel Rod,Steel Pipe,Angle Steel


Paint or Hot dip Galvanized

Steel Purlin

C or Z purlins(Thickness1.8mm~3.0mm)


Hot dip Galvanized

External Wall panels,Roof panels

Single colorful corrugate steel sheet,sandwich panels with EPS,Rock wool,PU.

Galvanized Steel+Painting

Alu-zin 150g,Fluorocarbon pain

Steel buildings Door

Slidding or Rolling door

Steel or Aluminum sheet

Paint or Hot dip galvanized

Steel buildings Windows

Aluminum alloy-Glass,Aluminum alloy-shutter



Skylighting panels

FRP T=1.5mm-1.8mm

Coefficient of thermal expansion:2.2x10-5/cm

Light Tranmitar 85%


Turbine ventilator on a ridge

Steel,Stainless steel ,PC

Paint or Hot dip Galvanized


Galvanized steel plate,Stainless steel plate


Hot dip galvanized


PVC pipe,color steelpipe Y=0.5mm



Hight Bolt

Ordinary ,High strength


Hot dip galvanized,Steel

Ground bolts

Steel RodM24,M27,M30,M33,M39,M42



Our Advantage

1. The industry's leading plasma slitting machine solves the defects of traditional flame cutting burrs;

2. Brand new high-strength steel plate with the material of certificate from first class steel mill , never use rusted stock;

3. Flexible design of welded H-beam, can process various models, fully save costs, 0 waste;

4. Welded H-beam double-sided for continuous full penetration submerged arc welding, which is as strong as hot-rolled H beam And the design is diversified;

5. The 3D drilling machine drill the web and flange hole in one time, which greatly improves the accuracy of the hole making compared with the magnetic drill;
6. Plasma punching machine, high-speed and accurate complete the hole of the sidde plate and rib plate, and the stamp mark is clearly visible after galvanizing or painting;

7. Our own hot-dip galvanizing zinc pot size 12.5*1.8*1.5m, annual productivity 100,000 tons.

How To Buy

Basic Design Requirements: design Load: (very important)
1. Snow load:
2. Wind load:
3. Seismic magnitude:
4. Middle Column allowed or not:
5. Project location:
6. Length (side wall, m):
7. Width (end wall, m):
8. Wall Height (eave, m):
9. Mezzanine or not? And usage:

Building Purpose: we will recommend the best design for the purpose of the building
A. Warehouse/Storage
B. Factory
C. Agriculture Barn
D. Retail Store
E. Repair/Mechanic Shop
F. Office Space
G. Medical Warehouse
H. Animal Farm (please confirm what kind of animal)

Production Process

Production Process
Production Process2


Frame Steel Structure: Bundle Packing, Edge Wrapped by fabric Cloth

Purlins & Brace packaged with Bundle

Accessories packaged with Carton Box


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