Quzhou Wisdom Island Landscape Steel structure Bridge project completed the main construction of the west bridge

Quzhou Wisdom Island Landscape2
On February 28, the steel girder assembly of the main steel structure bridge of the West Bridge of Quzhou Wisdom Island Landscape Bridge Project was completed, marking the official connection of the north and south sides of the main bridge of the West steel structure bridge.

Quzhou Wisdom Island Landscape1

Quzhou Wisdom Island Landscape steel structure bridge project is located in the intersection area of Wisdom Bay and Wisdom Island, the future city of Quzhou. It is divided into east bridge and West bridge, both of which span Changshan Port.The west bridge, which completed the construction of the steel girder of the main bridge, is 379.9 meters long, the standard width is 14 meters, the main bridge is 255 meters long and the approach bridge is 124.9 meters long.The traffic function of the landscape bridge is pedestrian and non-motor vehicle traffic, and the design scale belongs to the large-scale project of the municipal industry.The ramps on both sides of the bridge are designed to connect with the slow traffic system along the river, forming a circular green barrier-free slow traffic system in Changshan Port Ecological Park.

Post time: Jul-01-2023